How Good Is the Idea to Remove a Wisdom Tooth?

When it comes to dental health, people need to make smart decision on every stage. Among many other matters which need to be taken care of, wisdom tooth removal is the one that remains to have utmost importance. People usually wonder if it is OK to remove the wisdom tooth or leave it alone.

What are wisdom teeth?

You first need to understand what wisdom teeth are. Wisdom teeth are mainly as the backup teeth which tend to remain in your mouth till the later years of your life in order to give you some power to chew your foods. In the ancient times when there was no dental solution for the loose and lost teeth, these wisdom teeth used to provide great support. While it would be unwise to say that these teeth are useless in this day and age, the modern dentistry has done well in order to keep the chewing power maintained in the individuals on general basis.

Nevertheless, the advancement in modern dentistry and ability of a person to have the full set of teeth maintained for the bigger chunk of lifetime are not the reasons why we may need to get our wisdom teeth removed. It is mainly related to the size of skull. If the skull size is not quite sufficient, there would be a lack of room in the dental area. As a result, the teeth which grow in the later years, wisdom teeth, do not get space to erupt fully. As a result, they grow in the direction of other teeth. Hence, they may start pushing other teeth. This situation is mostly referred to as impacted wisdom tooth.

Removal of wisdom teeth in teens

When it comes to the issue of wisdom teeth in teens and kids, there are a few things to be taken into consideration. The dentist will look at these factors to determine if your child needs wisdom tooth removal.

  • How well your child is at maintaining oral hygiene. If your kid is not brushing his/her teeth well, the dentist may recommend removing the wisdom teeth in order to prevent dental problems in a few more teeth.
  • If tooth is not growing in the right direction, it can lead to several issues including extreme pain. The dentist may decide to remove the tooth.
  • If the presence of wisdom teeth is turning out to the reason of teeth crowding in the mouth of your child, the dentist would surely recommend removal of wisdom teeth in order to prevent and treat the misalignment problem.

Wisdom tooth removal in adults

While it would be quite rare for a wisdom tooth to turn out to be problematic in the adulthood, it can be quite painful if a wisdom tooth starts making issues. Hence, the removal of wisdom tooth in the adults is going to be due to overall health concern.

In the end, it is recommended that you pay dental visits twice in every year in order to stay away from any issues including the ones related to wisdom teeth.


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